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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Dave's Homerun Burgers

It took me awhile to get the guts to go into a gas station for a burger. But, after hearing for months, maybe even a couple years that you've got to try Dave's hamburgers I finally gave in. So, for awhile now I have been sneaking over to Dave's because his burgers are the bomb. Recently, my wife said " I wish there was a place that had greasy-old fashioned burgers from a flat-top". That's all she need to say and I told her to get dressed ... we're going to Dave's.

We get there and Diane says "You're kidding". I replied "Give it a chance". So we order a #1 and a #2 get some pop from the fountain and wait. "#1 and #2 up" says the cook. You should see the look on Diane's face."OMG ... how do I eat this thing" With love I say.

Then quiet for at least 10 minutes. Smiling, wiping the juice from her face.

I think I hit a home run!

Dave's Original Hamburgers
2528 E. Copper Mine RoadQueen CreekAZ 85143

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