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Saturday, May 31, 2014

Gourmet Goes Country - The Deli, Queen Creek AZ

What I love about the food industry is that artistry and creativity abounds everywhere. The restaurant business is not an easy business to be successful at as you can tell by many openings and closing. Many close not for the lack of risk-taking but for fundamental mistakes. At the top of the list is usually quality, customer service, menu choices, and value. I'm happy to report that The Deli doesn't fall into any of these categories. Blake Mastyk, former chef at Cartwright’s in Cave Creek, is the creative force behind the The Deli, with plenty of help from his wife, Nicole, former sommelier at Tonto Bar & Grill in Cave Creek. They have brought to the country what many have failed to do in a big city. Great food, consistent quality, excellent customer service and value. Did I mention great food? The name "Deli" is a little misleading in that this is much more than what most people understand a Deli to mean. No meat slicers here.

Let's start with the breakfast my wife Diane and I enjoyed the other morning. With an eclectic variety of dishes and ingredients on the menu this isn't your average bacon and egg breakfast place. Is Queen Creek ready for Chicken- Parmesan, Artichoke Hearts, Tomatoes, Red Onion omelettes? Or, Pastrami & Potato Hash and a side of Biscuits and Gravy? You betcha!  I quickly zeroed in on the Eggs Benedict, 2 eggs over easy & served on biscuits with hollandaise sauce & deli potatoes after seeing it pass by us and going to a different table. Except for one thing ... it was served on CRAB CAKES. We're talking REAL CRAB friends. Take a look.

I've had many an Eggs Benedict from New Orleans to San Francisco, but this can't be topped. Well-seasoned, crispy cakes with an immediate taste of crab. When you combine the flavors of the crab cake with the eggs and the hollandaise sauce you just have to smile. I also tried it with a homemade mustard aioli that they make which added an extra zest of flavor. POW! I also loved their deli potatoes which is unique by taking a baked potato and smashing it and putting it on the grill to get crisp.

I'm a sucker for Biscuits and Gravy so we had to try them too. I've tried making it several times at home but never like this. They use sweet Italian sausage which takes on a different flavor profile than traditional souther B&G and we both loved it. Good thing it was just a small order.

Next up is Diane's Ham & Eggs - Thick cut Ham Steak, 2 eggs your way, deli Potatoes, Ciabatta toast. My wife loves ham but ham doesn't also like Diane because of migraines. She was willing to risk her health for this breakfast ... what a trooper. Look how thick that ham steak is. High quality, not too salty and goes great with the choices of mustard you can ask for. Needless to say her plate was near empty when we left. Mainly because she like desserts and got a peek at the homemade carrot cake starring at her in the cooler. 

Kudo's to Chef Blake's wife Nicole who makes the cake. It has a rich, dense, and moist taste and feel, not overly sweet. I wonder how many farm-fresh carrots volunteered for this mission. The icing was a cream cheese frosting not too sweet that just tasted like you wanted more.

Great food, great service from Jackie and the rest of the staff. Can't wait to try something from the lunch menu and their new venture The Bistro, a Coffee & Wine Bar serving food opening soon near downtown Queen Creek. If it's anything like The Deli ... we have another great restaurant in our area.

18914 E. San Tan Blvd.
Queen Creek, AZ 85242
Hours of Operation:Open 7AM to 3PM Wednesday through Sunday.Closed Monday & Tuesday.

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